Is Certification Required To Save a Life?

Let's get one thing straight: CPR Certification is NOT required to help someone. CPR cards don't save lives; it's the training that save lives. Certification is NOT required to save a life. Period.

Anyone can help another person, with or without CPR Certification. CPR Training is immensely helpful in saving lives and doesn’t absolutely have to result in CPR Certification. The big difference between CPR Certification and CPR Training is whether or not you need that certification for your job or school. The training is relatively the same. The only reason that card is needed is so that your company can prove you have received training that meets American Heart Association standards, if the company requires it. That’s it. CPR certification is NOT needed in an emergency.

It's really very simple. If you help someone in need, the paramedics aren’t going to demand to see your ‘card’ because it isn’t a license. Helping people requires no license.

Good Samaritan Laws Protect You

Good Samaritan laws across the country protect you because we all want more people to stand up and help others. As long as you act in good faith and stick to reasonable actions you have strong protection. Here are a couple of the rules:

  • Only act reasonably and in your scope of training.
  • CPR and the use of an AED are fully covered in the Good Samaritan laws. If you're trained, perform.

Follow the above rules and as a result you are good to go. We have to remember that while our job may require CPR certification, CPR cards don’t save lives. People with confidence and some basic skills – do.

BLINK's goal is to train as many people as possible, not necessarily certify them. More people with basic skills means less deaths from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, drowning, choking and the like.

Training can provide skills and knowledge that can save lives. A training class can teach skills and knowledge that make all the difference in the world in an emergency.

In conclusion, certification is great, but cards don’t save lives. Only training and willingness to step up for another human being can do that.

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